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Please check which training session you are booking onto and arrive promptly. You will not be allowed to join the session after the warm up has begun. This is for your safety.

Refunds will not be given and sessions are non-transferable.

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Our Getting Started sessions last for 45 minutes and are priced at £8.00 per person. You will be asked to fill in a PEQ (Pre-Exercise Questionnaire). In addition to this a blood pressure reading is required. This is a quick measurement and is necessary before you can take part in a session.

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Each training session costs £8.00. Online booking payments are handled securely by PayPal (PayPal account NOT required to pay by credit/debit card)

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* Bookings can be made up until 15 minutes before the session.

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Tuesday 01/05/18, 7.30am

Tuesday 01/05/18, 6.30pm

Wednesday 02/05/18, 5.30pm

Thursday 26/04/18, 9.30am

Saturday 28/04/18, 9.00am


Monday 30/04/18, 6.30pm

Thursday 26/04/18, 5.30pm

Fat Burn

Tuesday 01/05/18, 9.30am

Thursday 03/05/18, 7.30am

Friday 27/04/18, 6.30pm

Get 3D Strong

Monday 30/04/18, 9.30am

Wednesday 02/05/18, 6.30pm

Friday 27/04/18, 6.30am

Friday 27/04/18, 5.30pm

Saturday 28/04/18, 8.00am

Get Fighting Fit

Tuesday 01/05/18, 5.30pm

Thursday 26/04/18, 6.30pm

Get Lean

Monday 30/04/18, 6.30am

Monday 30/04/18, 5.30pm

Tuesday 01/05/18, 7.30pm

Friday 27/04/18, 9.30am

Sunday 29/04/18, 9.00am


Wednesday 02/05/18, 6.30am

Wednesday 02/05/18, 9.30am

Thursday 26/04/18, 7.30pm

View classes by day


Get Lean 30/04/18, 6.30am

Get 3D Strong 30/04/18, 9.30am

Get Lean 30/04/18, 5.30pm

Evolve 30/04/18, 6.30pm


Density 01/05/18, 7.30am

Fat Burn 01/05/18, 9.30am

Get Fighting Fit 01/05/18, 5.30pm

Density 01/05/18, 6.30pm

Get Lean 01/05/18, 7.30pm


H.I.I.T 02/05/18, 6.30am

H.I.I.T 02/05/18, 9.30am

Density 02/05/18, 5.30pm

Get 3D Strong 02/05/18, 6.30pm


Fat Burn 03/05/18, 7.30am

Density 26/04/18, 9.30am

Evolve 26/04/18, 5.30pm

Get Fighting Fit 26/04/18, 6.30pm

H.I.I.T 26/04/18, 7.30pm


Get 3D Strong 27/04/18, 6.30am

Get Lean 27/04/18, 9.30am

Get 3D Strong 27/04/18, 5.30pm

Fat Burn 27/04/18, 6.30pm


Get 3D Strong 28/04/18, 8.00am

Density 28/04/18, 9.00am


Get Lean 29/04/18, 9.00am

Personal Training / TRX® Team Training

To book one of our Personal Training or TRX® Team Training classes, please contact us

Polar - Listens to your body, PN Certified Level 1 Coach, TRX® Qualified, Functional Movement Screen Certified, Spark Motion, Trigger Point

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