Classes Timetable

Training timetable

At S3 Fitness you will receive professional coaching at EVERY Session and for EVERY Exercise.

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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Time
06:30 Get Lean OCR Box N Burn
07:30 Open Gym Open Gym Open Gym Open Gym Open Gym Get Lean 08:00
08:30 OCR 09:00
09:30 Density Box N Burn Get Lean OCR Gun-Ex
17:30 Density Box N Burn Get Lean OCR Gun-Ex
18:30 Evolve Get Lean Gun-Ex Box N Burn Density
19:30 Open Gym Open Gym Open Gym Open Gym

S3 Fitness reserves the right to cancel and change this timetable at any time without notice. All participants take part in sessions and assessments entirely at their own risk. S3 Fitness shall not be liable for any accidents, injury, loss or damage sustained as a consequence of participation.


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Class descriptions

Box N Burn

Cardio Vascular Fitness, Speed, Strength, Core Conditioning

This is a fusion class of non-contact boxing training, metabolic training and core conditioning. Fancy getting fighting fit and working towards a knock out body, then book on and KO some calories.


Strength, Cardio Vascular Fitness, Power, Endurance

Density training is a complete hybrid of both cardio and strength training. The workouts build up work capacity and fitness very quickly. Short on time and want results, do density training to help strip the fat and build the body of BOOM!


Strength, Stability, Injury Reduction, Mobility

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran of TRX® Suspension Training®, Evolve will help you master your technique. Evolve is designed to help you move better, improve your core, get your stronger and groove the movement of making your body your machine.

Get Lean

Strength, Cardio Vascular Fitness, Power, Endurance, Core Conditioning

A buddied up circuit training session designed to help you get lean. Moving through an all over body workout in a HIIT format with our famous core session integrated. Rounding out the session with a well thought out finisher to ramp up the metabolism.


Cardio Vascular Fitness, Power, Speed, Strength

A full body group training session incorporating the likes of sprints, battling ropes and lower body exercises using the GUN-eX Minis. This session will improve, cardio conditioning, athleticism, core engagement, HIIT training which burns lot of calories. It’ll also speed up your metabolism producing high energy expenditure and athletic muscle. Develop speed, acceleration, strength, power and have fun.


Cardio Vascular Fitness, Strength, Stamina

Using the specialist functional training equipment we have here at S3 Fitness, our knowledge of obstacle course racing and the TRX Training movements involved we bring you the OCR training session. This session involves 250 metre runs interspersed with functional training and movements to simulate those weekend adventure runs. This training session is weather dependant.

Strength Room

Our fully equipped Strength Room is open between 6:30 - 10:30 and 17:30 - 20:30 Monday to Friday.

For all sessions please bring with you a water bottle and a sweat towel. You can also purchase a bottle of water if required. Please arrive dressed ready to train.

First Class?

Before you can participate in any training sessions, you must fill in a PEQ (Pre-Exercise Questionnaire).

Please print out and fill in your PEQ before the ‘Getting Started’ session. Hard copies are available on the day if you do not have access to a printer.

Please come along 15 mins before your first class so that we can review your PEQ, do a quick blood pressure check, and talk you through the fundamentals of functional training.

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Exos XPS, Exos XFS, PN Certified Coach 1, TRX® Qualified, Functional Movement Screen Certified, GUN-eX Training System, Trigger Point, Hyperice Exos XPS, Exos XFS, PN Certified Coach 1, TRX® Qualified, Functional Movement Screen Certified, GUN-eX Training System, Trigger Point, Hyperice

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