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Kettlebells training session at S3 Fitness, Chester

Kettlebells have been around for centuries and have received a well deserved revival. A kettlebell is a simple tool that is effective and produces results. Hence why it fits in with S3 Fitness’ philosophy and why they are used in our sessions of Metabolic and THE WORKS!

With a good basis to work from a kettlebell can be an devastating piece of kit. However the same can be said if you haven’t used one before and you have poor form. That’s why we offer Kettlebell Coaching Sessions.

What’s included

These sessions last approximately 2 hours and include:

  • Kettlebell History
  • Why use Kettlebells?
  • Kettlebell Safety
  • The Kettlebell Itself
  • Optimal Posture & Alignment
  • The Spine
  • Elastic Potential
  • The Posterior Chain
  • Hands on Evaluation
  • Warm Up
  • The Swing
  • The Snatch
  • The Clean
  • The Turkish Get Up
  • Kettlebell Science
Range of kettlebells

All this for £30 for the 2 hours!!! Can you come to a kettlebell coaching session even if you’ve never been to S3 Fitness? Of course you can. You will just need to fill in our PEQ and have your blood pressure taken.

Please print out and fill in your PEQ before the kettlebell coaching session. Hard copies are available on the day if you do not have access to a printer.

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Sorry, we do not currently have a date set for our next Kettlebells coaching session - please contact us to be notified of latest updates.


Kettlebells training session at S3 Fitness, Chester

Below is some feedback we’ve received from our kettlebell sessions:

"Great content from start to finish. Very clear and well delivered."

"Excellent for all abilities."

"It met my expectations in terms of the kettlebell learning but exceeded in terms of background knowledge and posture."

"Well explained, good to practice technique."

"Very informative, nice friendly atmosphere."

"Great - a good mix of practical, teaching and theory."

Please get in contact with us if you would like to know more or sign up to our newsletter below if you would like to be kept informed of upcoming sessions.

Squatting and Dead Lifting

Barbell for squatting and dead lifting at S3 Fitness

Fancy getting stronger?

Here at S3 Fitness we want to pass on the benefits of strength training.

Our coaching session goes over the basics of how to squat and dead lift properly. We only offer 6 places in total so the coaching ratio is kept small. The cost of this 2 hour session is £30 per person.

What’s included

  • We will cover how to set up the equipment
  • How to Squat
  • Various Squat Techniques
  • How to Dead Lift
  • How the body reacts to strength training
  • Benefits of strength training

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Sorry, we do not currently have a date set for our next Squatting and Dead Lifting coaching session - please contact us to be notified of latest updates.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Here’s to Moving, Looking, Feeling and Playing Better.

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