Personal Training & Gym in Chester

Whole body Personal Training and group sessions designed to help you Move, Look, Feel and Play Better

The original small group training gym in Chester, established in 2011 and so have the most experience to help you.

The first and only Personal Trainer in Chester who has been invited to teach around the world, and who has trained up other PTs, physios and coaches.

I have a simple proven training system provided in small bespoke groups that’s adaptable to you. With a monthly investment you can have unlimited sessions to get you results.

This functional training gym provides dedicated personal training sessions in a fun, results driven environment.


I strive to provide you with Safe, Effective and Functional Training Sessions with proven results.

As the only official TRX® Master Trainer and Licenced Training Centre in the North West and the whole of Wales, I am well placed to provide you with professional coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer personal training?

We offer a range of bespoke personal training packages within our Chester gym. Our personal training packages start at £23 a week and include a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Hyperice And Normatec Recovery
  • And many more…..

Find out more about our personal training packages.

Do you offer group sessions?

Our group training sessions are member led and take place in our Chester location and consist of a wide range of programmes to keep you entertained and to maximise your results.

What programmes do you offer?

I offer bespoke personal training sessions expertly designed programmes focused on results driven training.

Whichever programme you take part in, you will benefit from increased:

  • Cardio Vascular Fitness
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Core Conditioning
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Stability
  • Injury Reduction
  • Mobility

Is personal training right for me?

If you want to Move, Look, Feel and Play Better then my personal training is right for you. Working with me will help you to improve your posture, your body composition, your movement, your strength, your confidence and help you be pain-free.

If you look at anybody who has achieved great results whether that’s through business, sporting performance or personal life, they’ve always had a coach or a mentor in the background to help them.

That’s exactly what I want to offer you, a coach and mentor to help guide you to becoming a better version of yourself.

What facilities do you have?

If you visit us here at S3 Fitness you’ll see that we’re not the largest gym around and we don’t have that much equipment.

However, the tools we do have are complimented by the education and knowledge. Using the right tool for the right job always delivers the best outcome.

You can have the biggest most well-equipped gym in the world but if you don’t know how to use any of it it’s pretty pointless.

Here at S3 Fitness it’s better to have the right tools and be a craftsman with them.

Are you qualified?

I am fully qualified and insured. In fact, we are the only official TRX® Qualified and Licenced Training Centre in the North West and the whole of Wales.

I am the only coach in Chester who is an EXOS Certified Performance Specialist, Fitness Specialist & Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Specialist to offer you highly tailored and results driven training programmes.

Find out more about me

Who we help

Read what our clients say about their experience of small group and personal training at S3 Fitness.

"The PT sessions offered at S3 have become an integral part of my training forming a strong base and complementing my running training.

The expertise of Ben will guide you through the classes to ensure you get the most from the session for all levels of fitness. There are no egos at this gym and the small classes mean close supervision from Ben to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly and adaptions made where necessary."
Susan Fourie

"Fabulous gym with exceptional level of tailored service. The combination of classes and small group training at S3 are the perfect way for all levels of fitness to progress.

Ben has a wealth of experience and adapt exercises to suit individuals and their goals, making training fun whilst ensuring you get results! Would highly recommend to all."
Nyree Whitley

"I always struggled with commitment to exercise in the past and always made an excuse. So I signed up for small group training - I was determined to put myself first and do it properly and I’ve never looked back.

Ben is the consummate professional and takes pride in his gym and his members. As a result, I am fitter, stronger and have gained a whole new family of TRX legends!"
Paula Phillips

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Exos XPS, Exos XFS, PN Certified Coach 1, TRX® Qualified, Functional Movement Screen Certified, GUN-eX Training System, Trigger Point, Hyperice Exos XPS, Exos XFS, PN Certified Coach 1, TRX® Qualified, Functional Movement Screen Certified, GUN-eX Training System, Trigger Point, Hyperice

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