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Dave Richards at S3 Fitness, Chester

I have been attending classes at S3 for just over a year now and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I moved to Chester in July 2012 with work and for 6 months I had fallen out of my regular workout routine. I decided to give S3 a try and it is the best decision I have made when it comes to training. The classes are top notch and the environment you train in is a constant enjoyment. Ben gets the mix between encouragement, fun and seriousness spot on in every class and is constantly looking for ways to improve the exercises and add to the experience.

I have now completed 3 separate fat loss courses which Ben runs and the combination of workout and nutritional advice is superb and more than worth the money. The material and information I have received from Ben during these courses in terms of nutritional advice has helped me get in the best shape of my life. My core strength has improved immeasurably as a result of the guidance received during the courses. If you put the effort in during each class on this course and stick with the nutrition guide, you cannot fail but to see results.

The great thing about the training environment is that it is for all ages and abilities and as your form and strength improves Ben can tailor the exercises to challenge you further. If you are looking for something different that will get results then give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Dave Richards

TRX® training class at S3 Fitness, Chester

S3 fitness is the best place I have ever been to. The coach and owner Ben keeps his knowledge up to date and knows what he is talking about. He always asks what your goals are and helps you to achieve them. The classes are fun, challenging and you always feel better at the end of each session. There are also different classes to cater for the goals you have, whether you’re an athlete or just want to move and look better.

The TRX® kit is impressive and I found it gives much less strain on your joints than free weights. The nature of the TRX® also makes you use your whole body for the exercises so you train more in less time. You can also tweak your body position and do slightly different exercises for each body part to increase the difficulty if you want.

The classes are varied and the times are convenient. You get a whole body workout in under an hour. The people who train there are fantastic - friendly and all motivate each other. The social aspect is brilliant and most get involved in other fitness challenges and nights out together. S3 fitness beats any old cookie cutter gym hands down.

James Ellis

Donna Llewellyn at S3 Fitness, Chester

I’ve have truly loved the classes and have never in all my life been as committed to an exercise program as I am with S3 Fitness.

I think you are key to it’s success, your professional approach and commitment to members is testament to this.....double pat on the back!

A sincere Thank you Ben, I feel so happy with my results in just 4 months and I’m more confident with my figure than ever.

Donna Llewellyn

Steve Mee at S3 Fitness, Chester

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the sessions. I was racing in the mountains at the weekend and achieved a top ten finish for the first time in two years.

I am not doing high volumes of running at the moment but the TRX sessions have had such a huge impact on my leg and core strength that they more than made up for my lack of training miles. This good result is entirely down to S3 Fitness!

I’d definitely recommend regular TRX training to distance runners looking to improve their endurance.

Steve Mee

Mat Johnson at S3 Fitness, Chester

Since we started TRX as a bit of fun in the office it has progressed into our 3 times a week sessions with Ben and Sarah. The change in the last 4 months within the office is amazing. The 20 chicken nuggets have been replaced by healthy foods.

Personally, S3 fitness has changed the way I look and feel. When we did the body composition back in March I was 17st 7 and it wasn’t really going down that much.

Now, I have lost 2 stone, my clothes fit better and I no longer struggle to put my shoes on. I’ve tried many years to go to different gyms and I have never been that into the endless treadmill work. Its been refreshing to come to S3 and have varied sessions which are fun but I also see the progress in daily life with an vast increase in motivation and energy levels.

Exercising as a company also adds benefit. We all push each other more and its a good motivator when the person next to you is doing more than you. It is a great team building session.

After working with S3 the motivation provided throughout training has been instrumental in the change I have felt. Thanks very much for the varied and entertaining sessions which S3 provide and looking forward to losing even more weight.

Mat Johnson

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