Personal Training

If you are looking to form a great habit, get in the best shape of your life then this is the perfect solution for you!

As a Member you will get:

  • A Functional Movement Screen
  • A Body Composition Test
  • A Bespoke Program
  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Hyperice And Normatec Recovery
  • Recovery Shake
  • Pain and Injury Reduction Videos
  • Healthy Lifestyle PDFs

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Membership starts at £23 per week and we bill that in 12 equal monthly installments.

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You're motivated, you're ready to train and follow a plan. Sign up and Get Started. 24hr Private Gym and Professional Training Plan.

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You're ready to make a difference, you want some help. It's time to Get After it. 24hr Private Gym, Professional Training Plan a supervised training session per week.

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£23 a week£28 a week

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£34 a week£41 a week


Matt Johnson, member of S3 Fitness in Chester

I’ve been working with Ben at S3 since November 2013. Back then I was at my largest weighing 18st 10 and I didn’t see myself as overweight.

My transformation was due to S3 changing my focus and my perception of exercise and food and I am now down to 13st 7. A total loss of over 5 stone (over 30kg)!

The option to be trained by a professional and also have the knowledge and advice available when needed was invaluable in my weight loss. It’s a great motivator when I look back at the photo’s to see how many chins I have lost! My passport doesn’t even resemble me now!

Big thanks to S3 for all their hard work - it’s great to train with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Matt Johnson

Lawrence Crees, member of S3 Fitness in Chester

If you want to want to get properly, functionally fit in a way that allows you to get on with your life at the same time then S3 Fitness is your go to place.

I’ve been a member of every chain gym in town over the years, got all the T shirts and without exception, wasted my money - and normally picked up an injury or two too.

S3 Fitness is different - the S3 way is fun, progressive and challenging - perfectly attuned to making you the best you can be, whilst increasing your social circle too. I can’t recommend it highly enough...if you really want to improve your fitness and create a new you you’re mad not to give it a go!

Lawrence Crees

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal trainer?

Personal trainers work with you to create 1 on 1 fitness programmes based on your abilities, experience and goals.

Having the qualifications, knowledge, and experience, enables me to design fitness programmes that maximise your results and achievements.

Above all, a personal trainer will motivate and guide you in achieving your goals.

What are the benefits of a personal trainer?

Lack of motivation, experience and poor exercise routines will have a negative effect on your fitness goals and can result in poor performance, lack of progression and injuries. Using a personal trainer can stop all this from happening.

Using a PT makes sure that you are following the best programme, the best exercises to get the best from your workouts.

How long should I use a personal trainer?

You may only need a personal trainer for a short amount of time, maybe you’re preparing for an upcoming event like a wedding or holiday, or maybe you need a more long-term approach to get rehabilitated from an injury or continue to improve on your health and fitness.

Regardless of how long you train with us we have bespoke packages for monthly agreements or annual agreements.

How many times should I see a personal trainer?

To see results I strongly recommend you train three times a week, one of these with a professional coach.

You can follow your own dedicated training plan for multiple times in the week. Because of the way I deliver the high end training your fitness program is accessible to you with guidance anytime you train.

Does a personal trainer help with weight loss?

A good personal trainer will always produce programmes centred around their clients aims and goals.

If your aim is to lose weight, I will ensure that your programme focuses on healthy, safe and sustainable weight loss.

Does a personal trainer help with strength?

If your aim is to build your strength, a good personal trainer will provide you will a tailormade programme to increase your strength in a safe and healthy way.

Your programme will help you become fit, strong and importantly help you train in a way to maximise results while reducing the possibility to injuries from going too hard too fast.

Exos XPS, Exos XFS, PN Certified Coach 1, TRX® Qualified, Functional Movement Screen Certified, GUN-eX Training System, Trigger Point, Hyperice Exos XPS, Exos XFS, PN Certified Coach 1, TRX® Qualified, Functional Movement Screen Certified, GUN-eX Training System, Trigger Point, Hyperice

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